As you have probably worked out by now, my name is Kristin or Ms. Zorn, depending on our relationship. I grew up in the Canadian Prairies, then travelled to Australia where I spent nearly eleven years working, studying and teaching. Since then I have taught in London, England and am now in Germany teaching at an international PYP school. When I am not in the classroom, I love being active and healthy! I enjoy all kinds of physical activity, especially hiking, skiing, yoga and team sports. When I am not being active you find me travelling, reading or spending time with loved ones.

My personal philosophy to teaching is centered on building relationships and developing a love for learning in all students. I believe it is important to cultivate a variety of skills and characteristics in young children and that developing the social, emotional, physical, cultural and intellectual growth of each individual is of utmost importance. It is very important to me to build and sustain relationships with all of educations stakeholders, including the children, parents, colleagues, leaders and community members. I have high personal expectations and this is reflected in both my professionalism and in my expectations for my students. I believe in creating an environment where children feel safe to take educational risks, which consequently enables them to make significant progress.

I hope you enjoy my classroom blog, I plan on using it as a teaching tool within my classroom, so if you want to get involved don’t hesitate to contact me!