Exploring Communication

Throughout this unit of inquiry we have been looking at different systems of communication and, signs and symbols. We looked at braille as a system and the children had the opportunity to make their name in braille. They had to use a braille code sheet to figure out where the dots needed to be for each letter and then used a dull needle to push through the holes. After all the children finished we set the cards up around the room and they had the opportunity to try and read each others names in braille.. The children really loved the activity and many of them wrote about it in their weekly reflections. 

“I really liked when we did the braille writing. We did our names in braille and it was fantastic. We got a piece of paper with dots on it. On the top of the paper was space for our names, then we coloured the dots to match the braille letters. Then we got a paper and put the dots in. Finally we taped on name on the back and read each others cards.” L.          


We also explored how deaf people communicate using sign language. The students came up with a simple sentence and then used the iPads to find the sign for each word in their sentence. They then took photos of the signs and inserted them into their on Explain Everything file. After practising their sentences they worked collaboratively with a classmate to video each other using sign language to communicate their sentence. There were many steps in this project and the children had to work hard to follow along, listen and use their technological skills.

Check out K.B.’s Explain Everything video below:


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