What Do We Measure?

In grade two we brainstormed and discovered that we measure a lot of things, we measure length, height, distance, weight, temperature and time. There are lots of other things we measure but these are the ones that first came to mind.
Measuring height, how tall are you? How tall is your teacher? How much taller? How much shorter?
What units do we use to measure it? We even had our parents come into class to measure and compare our heights to theirs.
Measuring temperature, how hot is it? How cold is it? Why do we need to measure temperature? What tools do we use? What units do we measure it in?
The students were able to explore measuring different temperatures of water and reading thermometers.   
We then used the iPads to explore temperatures around the world. Why is it hot in some places? Can anyone find a place that is really hot? What about a place that is really cold? Why are the temperatures so different?



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